Chris (Left) & Sam (Right) on a night they probably talked about film at least a little.


If Sam & Chris & Friends love movies so much then why don’t they marry them? Good question. We looked into it and we can’t marry movies, so instead we’ve decided to write about them. The idea behind this blog is a sort of marriage between film criticism and personal essay. Why those two things can be married while we can’t marry film is just one of those mysteries of life.

Grab Bag articles are about anything and everything, regardless of medium/time since release.  A Grab Bag article is published weekly on a weekday.

Current Reviews will be reviews of movies currently in theaters.  A Current Review is published weekly over the weekend.

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Sam Russell graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Cinema Production in 2016. The first movie he remembers seeing is The Wizard of Oz. His favorite movies are The Graduate, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Speed Racer. Sam currently works as a video editor in NYC. You can follow him on instagram here and on twitter here.

Chris Maher graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Screenwriting in 2016. He would probably go to space if someone let him. His favorite people include Warner Herzog, David Byrne and Aubrey Plaza.  You can follow him on instagram here and on twitter here.


Conor Bell, when asked for a bio, had this to say: I don’t have a website yet and I’m ashamed of my instagram. But my name is Conor Bell, I’m an actor, and one day you will fear me. Peep me on IMDb 😉

Tessa Duke graduated from Ithaca College May 2016 with a degree in Cinema and Photography, a concentration in Screenwriting, and a minor in great ideas (which will come in handy). A few of her favorite films include, The Departed, The Big Chill, and Clueless. She works at Nomad Editing Co. in NYC and contemplates how Paul Rudd has not aged yet on a daily basis. You can follow her contributing posts on That First Year or her daily remarks on life on Twitter.

Liza Friedman‘s films can be found here.

Rachel Huley’s name is radel, she’s always right, and she usually writes. Catch her tweeting @realradel, writing for @theadvocate, and picking her nose in public spaces.

Jason Potel graduated from Ithaca College with degrees in Screenwriting and English, neither of which he has ever been asked to use. He’s in graduate school now in some long term goal for a job but has instead racked up thousands in debt. Some of his favorite people are Edward Albee (RIP), Harmony Korine, and Mira Sorvino. He occasionally trounces around as a cinephile waiting for someone to expose him.

Brian Russell grew up loving super-hero comic books, TV and movies. Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Planet of the Apes were his favorites as a kid. He still loves all that cool sci-fi stuff, but now spends about half his screen time with Classic Films. Film Noir is his favorite genre in that realm. He is a Director of Photography with credits ranging from an ESPN 30 for 30, to celebrities like Arianna Huffington, Ed Burns and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live. Check him out at http://www.redshoefilm.com

Molly Schneider works in TV & Film in the art and costume department. She is a part of a two person design team, Dropkick Designs. She is also an avid stop-motion animator and enthusiast.

Christine Stemmer is an actor/writer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. She is a graduate of Ithaca College and The National Theater Institute.

Brandon Woodruff is a freelance filmmaker and music person located in Brooklyn, NY. His work can be found here.