Breath of the Wild Creates Freedom Through Limitation

BOTW works because it allows you to discover what you can and cannot do.

What is Cinema? My Public Disagreement with Martin Scorsese

… the best superhero (and action) films have been by auteur directors and did have real risks and consequences … Logan, The Dark Knight, Joker and even Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989 were all very big risks, and transcend the “Marvel” problem Scorsese is talking about … Scorsese has made a decision — based on his age (he actually pretty much says this in his OpEd piece) and his prejudices — to discard and entire segment of films.

Blindspotting is a Must-Watch for Every White Boy (and all humans)

The film places us squarely inside Collin’s mind … he can’t even report this crime. And as a former criminal himself, he is branded forever. This one brief scene says so much about disenfranchisement, being black, trying to escape one’s past, and of course fear of the establishment.