Watching Lost 10 Years Too Late But Now I’m In Too Deep: The Nina Braca Story (Part 2)

Lost (ha ha)? Read Part 1 here!

Hi friends, it’s me, again. I took a break from watching the critically-acclaimed Lord Of The Flies sequel Lost for a few months, but now I’m back on track, if the track is unemployment and 15 hour Lost marathons.

When we last met (we have probably never met, it’s just a figure of speech but it works here) I was recapping the first two season of Lost since I was watching them for the first time. Now, as I’m sure you can guess, I have given you a play-by-play of my thoughts on season three and four. The main takeaway here is I still know nothing about this show and have been struggling to explain it to my mom, who frequently calls to check in after I post videos of me crying to iconic Lost scenes on my Instagram (it’s fine, I blocked her from my story). Anyway, here are some thoughts on the next two seasons, AKA the past three months for me.

Season Three

There are more hatches now. Like, I don’t even know how many. They all have codenames and I can’t keep track. But there is also some sort of community with a book club on the island. I’m kind of understanding why people don’t want to leave? This was before Wifi really took off, though.

We’re getting more into the island at this point. I’m pretty curious how BIG this island really is. There seemed to have been four groups of people existing at the same time and never running into each other. What gives.

My biggest issue in season three is how long Sun’s hair has gotten. They have only been on the island for, what, 100 days? Her hair grew, like, a foot. I just tried to Google it to find some photos to compare for you and I was bombarded with a spoiler. Great.

Two characters named Nikki and Pablo are introduced, seemingly to bore me to death. A lot of this season is me not knowing if I can trust people or not. It pisses me off.

There is also someone named Juliet who I feel like I’m not supposed to like but her voice is really calming so she’s cool. I kind of want her to be a vlogger or something.

There is an entire episode about Jack’s tattoos that made me almost give up watching the show. I ventured on, disgusted.

I thought I got the hang of things by season three, and then Desmond predicts the future and now I’m a little thrown off. Literally what is happening. What is Jacob. Why isn’t Ben dead yet. I’m in too deep.

Charlie freaking dies. He could have left the room but he didn’t and I’m pretty mad about it. Also- we learn that they DO make it off the Epcot island, but in a flashforward (new!) Jack insists he NEEDS to go back. What! Why! Wow! I’m a mess.

Season recap: nobody cares about your tattoos, Jack.

Season Four

Here we learn that there was the “Oceanic Six” AKA the six people who survived the island. But…survived is a strong word here. So, we know they “get off” the supposed island/Spy Kids 2 set, but it can’t be that easy.

There are a ton of new people who crashed on the island but they’re nice so I’m fine with it.

In a flash forward, Sayid suddenly becomes a hairstylist and has a great blowout. I need the number of the hair and makeup team ASAP.

A lot of this season takes place on a freighter (large boat? Not Penny’s, though) which is a great change of pace from the last three seasons where they were also surrounded by water, but on a larger scale.

Claire just like…dips out at some point with her dad who is also Jack’s dad. Not sure what to do with that information, but the need for survival is very strong in that families genes.

I have had recurring nightmares about getting appendicitis on a fucking deserted island, which of course happens to Jack the night before they are supposed to be saved. Out of all the scary stuff on this show, this one freaked me out the most.

In a flash forward, it’s revealed that Kate and Jack are (or were…at some point…time is weird) together which was just SO unexpected and out of left field. Just kidding, it was very much within the field.

There is talks of “moving the island” but……….okay, fine. Jacob is….God? I don’t know.

Season recap: it seems that all the laws of physics and the WGA Writers Strike have come into play in this season, since most of it makes no sense and yet I’m still here for it. I’m happy we are FINALLY getting off the island. I imagine they ran out of sunblock.


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