Sam & Chris’ Picks: Best Films of 2018

Samuel Russell: When compiling my list this year I thought a lot about the criteria of what goes on a top 10 list. There’s a subtle but significant distinction between a “top 10 best” and “top 10 favorite” list. I decided to go with favorite. I’m not trying to judge these films on the merits… Continue reading Sam & Chris’ Picks: Best Films of 2018

Annihilation (!!!)

I’ve been looking forward to Annihilation since before I even knew what Annihilation was. After seeing Alex Garland’s directorial debut Ex Machina I was immediately excited to see what this filmmaker would do next. Ex Machina was impressively simple and stylish. It made a dialogue driven story utterly cinematic. Annihilation‘s premise didn’t really excite me, and… Continue reading Annihilation (!!!)