The Lighthouse Drives You Slowly And Steadily Insane

A perfectly crafted spooky sea tale.

Us and The Beach Bum are Two Films in Dialogue

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Us and The Beach Bum* Last weekend I saw Us and this week I saw The Beach Bum, and while these were both movies I have been anticipating I did not expect them to be in dialogue with one another. Watching any two movies in quick succession leads to comparison, but… Continue reading Us and The Beach Bum are Two Films in Dialogue

Annihilation (!!!)

I’ve been looking forward to Annihilation since before I even knew what Annihilation was. After seeing Alex Garland’s directorial debut Ex Machina I was immediately excited to see what this filmmaker would do next. Ex Machina was impressively simple and stylish. It made a dialogue driven story utterly cinematic. Annihilation‘s premise didn’t really excite me, and… Continue reading Annihilation (!!!)

POV Breeds Paranoia in It Comes At Night (But Our Reviewers Trust Each Other)

Chris and Guest Reviewer Conor Bell discuss POV and dark shadows in It Comes At Night