The Favourite Is Dizzyingly Good

Why was the Favourite one of my favorite films so far this year? Read and find out! You won’t believe what happens next!

Annihilation (!!!)

I’ve been looking forward to Annihilation since before I even knew what Annihilation was. After seeing Alex Garland’s directorial debut Ex Machina I was immediately excited to see what this filmmaker would do next. Ex Machina was impressively simple and stylish. It made a dialogue driven story utterly cinematic. Annihilation‘s premise didn’t really excite me, and… Continue reading Annihilation (!!!)

The Commuter; It’s No Borat, but’s it’s Very Nice!

The Commuter is the movie I hope and pray for when I commit 90 minutes to watching something I know for a fact isn’t going to be “good.” Last week I reviewed Proud Mary and spent a lot of time talking about how frustratingly dull it’s aesthetics were. To me, judging these films based on… Continue reading The Commuter; It’s No Borat, but’s it’s Very Nice!