The Lego Movie 2 Hits a Lot of Good but Familiar Beats

The Lego Movie 2 more or less rises to the challenges it has set up for itself.


In-Justice League

Zack Snyder’s third entry in the DC Universe speeds along like a Joss Whedon film (no surprise since screenwriter Whedon took over directing and post-production after Snyder had to drop out late in the game.) This might be a good thing under other circumstances — like if it was actually a Joss Whedon film —… Continue reading In-Justice League

Wonder Woman is Bad like the Rest

Wonder Woman was always doomed to be held by a different standard, viewed with unrealistic expectations, and to be burdened with perpetually mounting symbolic pressure. That’s what happens when a male dominated industry collectively refuses to include women (both as leading characters and as creative leaders behind the camera) in spite of a constant high… Continue reading Wonder Woman is Bad like the Rest

Captain Fantastic Shows Us an Ideal Life, and the Costs

Captain Fantastic invites us to experience passion and loss as one family tries to understand their place in the world. The film asks when is going to extremes going too far? And what does it mean to understand truth? Is it possible that real truth may not be as objective or universal as we would like it to be? When are we pursuing our own truths, and when are we selling out?