Dueling Reviews: Logan Transcends the X-Series / the Superhero Genre

Sam and Chris write back-to-back reviews of Logan.

XXX: Return of Xander Cage Is Candy

I remember the first time I watched XXX (2002) fondly. I was 8 years old when it first came out, a bit too young to see it in the theaters. I saw it sometime after on DVD in Joey Marx’s basement. I remember feeling like I was sneaking something. It’s rated PG-13, but it’s an… Continue reading XXX: Return of Xander Cage Is Candy

Fantastic Beasts is a Fantastic Feast, Warts and All

Fantastic Beasts, while genuinely enjoyable, has some serious flaws.

Captain Fantastic Shows Us an Ideal Life, and the Costs

Captain Fantastic invites us to experience passion and loss as one family tries to understand their place in the world. The film asks when is going to extremes going too far? And what does it mean to understand truth? Is it possible that real truth may not be as objective or universal as we would like it to be? When are we pursuing our own truths, and when are we selling out?

We Were Both Underwhelmed by “Moonlight,” but Disagree Why

Moonlight is a critical darling and a likely Oscar contender. Sam and Chris discuss the film, the coming-of-age genre, and narrative structure.

Crimson Peak is Hot and Cold and Better For It

Crimson Peak seems to claim two distinct genres, constantly shifting between horror and melodrama. Does this make it an indecisive mess or a delectable example of genre-fusion?

Blue Jay is Adorable, Heartbreaking, and Laser-Focused

Blue Jay’s specificity makes for an intimate and relatable romantic drama.

Impossibly Byzantine Corporate Intrigue in Speed Racer

Confused by the plot of Speed Racer? Let us break (some of it) down for you.