By Sea, Land, and Air Dunkirk is Very Good

In our three person review (hello guest writers Conor Bell and Brandon Woodruff) we talk about Dunkirk.

Nineteenth-Century Modernism within Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure

Our crazy smart friend and guest writer Jason Patel offers an in-depth look at Scandinavian Modernist Theater and Force Majeure.

Captain Fantastic Shows Us an Ideal Life, and the Costs

Captain Fantastic invites us to experience passion and loss as one family tries to understand their place in the world. The film asks when is going to extremes going too far? And what does it mean to understand truth? Is it possible that real truth may not be as objective or universal as we would like it to be? When are we pursuing our own truths, and when are we selling out?

American Honey is Good, but Oh My God it is Long.

Andrea Arnold’s American Honey is bold, deliberate, and immersive. But does deserve its near 3 hour runtime?