The Umbrella Academy Has (Mostly Squandered) Potential

Chris rambles more about Netflix and super heroes and adaptation, but this time his pal Frank joins him!

Venom could have been better by being worse

Venom was a movie that I had absolutely zero interest in seeing. Aside from a shockingly good cast there was no reason to expect anything from it. I rolled my eyes with everyone else at the trailer. Surely a mediocre shart that I didn’t need to see. But as the “mixed-to-negative” reactions started rolling in… Continue reading Venom could have been better by being worse

In-Justice League

Zack Snyder’s third entry in the DC Universe speeds along like a Joss Whedon film (no surprise since screenwriter Whedon took over directing and post-production after Snyder had to drop out late in the game.) This might be a good thing under other circumstances — like if it was actually a Joss Whedon film —… Continue reading In-Justice League